Wednesday, February 03, 2010

BBQ Question of the Day

Have you ever wondered how bbq competitors are able to cook 4 meats on one cooker and have it all finished in a 2 hour turn-in window?

The pork butt and brisket are the easy part. You can start them cooking about 10 p.m. on Friday, cook them to 165 degrees and wrap them in a double thickness of aluminum foil.  They'll be finished by 8 a.m. and you can store them in an Igloo cooler lined with several towels until it's time to turn them in. They'll still be very hot (170 degrees or so). The bigger cuts of meat are much more forgiving.

Chicken and ribs would go one in the morning and come off last - just prior to turn in time.  For me, the chicken and ribs are the key. If you can get them near perfect, you will have a big advantage.

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