Monday, January 19, 2009

BBQ Tour: Columbus, GA que restaurants

We traveled to Columbus, GA this weekend. Sunday afternoon we made up our own informal tour of bbq joints in the area.

We stopped by Chester's BBQ, Hog Rock BBQ , Fat Freddy's, and Thorton's BBQ to name a few. I'm not quite sure where the folks of Columbus eat bbq on Sundays, because most of the joints were not open for business, but that turned out perfectly to snap a few pictures.

Chester's Bar-B-Q with locations on Veteran's Parkway and Northstar drive has a storied business history in Columbus dating back to 1939. The restaurant is previous People's Choice Award winner as the favorite bbq joint in town. (See more pictures here.)

Here's a view of the front door at Fat Freddie's Bar-B-Q on Hamilton Road.

Hog Rock BBQ, on the 280 by-pass in Phenix City, AL, across the river from Columbus gets my vote for the best bbq logo and paint scheme.

Mike & Ed's on Crawford Road in Phenix City looked busy on Saturday afternoon, but they were closed when we stopped by on Sunday.

Next to Kansas City or Memphis, I've never seen more bbq restaurants in a single community. I'd be willing to wager that Columbus, GA might hold the record for Most BBQ Restaurants Per Capita compared to most any medium to large sized city in America.


Gardengurl said...

You did not scratch the surface of places to eat in Columbus Ga! When are you coming back?
I would be happy to take you on a bbq tour :)

The BBQ Guy said...

(I'd like to be there this weekend at the music festival.)

My niece is a new reporter for one of the TV stations. I am guessing we'll be back to visit later in the year.

Anonymous said...

you have not even scratched the surface of the BBQ joints in Columbus/Phenix City. There are between 20 and 25 BBQ restaurants to choose from. Come on down and we can give you a real tour.

Eric Wilbanks said...

I grew up on Fat Freddie's. Haven't had it in years (moved away in the 80s), but loved it as a kid!

Ruki said...

Do any of you remember a place called Phoenix BBQ? If memory serves, it was run by two or three sisters. A good neighborhood type place. I was there in maybe 1991.