Saturday, February 02, 2008

Spicewine Smokers

I've been looking at the Spicewine Smokers manufactured by Spicewine Ironworks in Columbia, MO for about a year and a half. Jay Curry and his crew build insulated upright bbq smokers in a variety of styles and colors. (I took this picture in Grand Rapids, MI a couple of years ago. The smoker belongs to Big Creek BBQ from Pleasant Hill, MO.)

The small smoker weighs 500 lbs with a 4 gallon water pan and three 16.6 x 12 inch cooking shelves. The large smoker weighs 800 lbs with an 8 gallon water pan and three 34 x 25 inch cooking grates. Extra grates can be added based on the customer's requirements.

Spicewine Smokers also makes single and dual axle trailer models and will custom build almost anything the customer can dream up.

If you're thinking about purchasing a new bbq smoker, you'll probably enjoy this pod cast interview that features Jay discussing the Spicewine products.
Here's a newspaper article about their products in the Columbia Tribune. However, I must point out that the article does contain an error about their only being two manufacturers of insulated bbq smokers. I know of at least four others besides Spicewine -- Stumps, Backwoods, McCullough, and Dominizer -- and there must be others besides those.
I also found a photo album that shows some close-ups of the cooking chamber.

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