Saturday, February 09, 2008

Florida State Fair BBQ

Linda and I visited the Florida State Fair today in Tampa. The Iowa Pork Producers had a booth near the livestock barns that was selling several different pork sandwiches and lunch items including pork chops, pork burgers, and pork loin to go along with pork bbq sandwiches.

We made a special point to eat at their booth. As bbq enthusiasts we like to try pork bbq from various concession vendors whenever we get the chance. In this case I wish we'd skipped the bbq pork and had pork loin or pork burger instead.

The bbq pork sandwich was a big dissapointment. It was too mushy, too saucy, and it reminded me of the type of food that comes from a can. I've got a suggestion for the Iowa Pork Producers -- either take bbq off the menu, or learn how to prepare it better.

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