Saturday, March 18, 2006 Cooking Team

My friend Kevin Bevington, proprietor of, is riding high tonight. In an Florida Barbecue Association cook-off held today, his efforts were rewarded with a dominating victory.

Kevin and wife Clara achieved an unbelieveable four -- 1st place category awards to go along with the overall grand championship.

Folks, that's never been done before in the history of the FBA: that's a 1st place chicken; 1st place ribs; 1st place pork; and 1st place brisket.

The performance is going to vault him to the head of the team of the year standings in the FBA ahead of Kick the Tire, Light the Fire, Florida Cracker, and last year's formidable runner-up in the FBA TOTY...Woodhouse Grill.

I started my competiton career cooking on Kevin's team and was on the team at Kevin's maiden voyage into competitition bbq at a KCBS event in Brooksville, FL. He was still using the Lang 84 at the time. It was so hot and so dry that we caught the grass on fire before we even started.

Since that time Kevin has qualified for the American Royal cook-off, qualified for the Jack Daniels cook-off, and is a 3-time FBA TOTY champion; and he's switched to pellet power from the ever-reliable Lang 84. It looks like Kevin has the pellet cooker figured out for sure.

Congratulations Kevin and Clara!

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