Friday, March 03, 2006

BBQ Books - Day 3, Better BBQ Series

If it's too cold outside to cook, it's the perfect opportunity to study up on some new ideas that will help you hit the ground running once the weather turns.

Barbecue books are an excellent source of ideas for barbecue recipes, smoking techiniques, bbq sauces, bbq spice rubs, as well as some interesting bbq history information.

Reading books about bbq allow you to learn from others mistakes and leverage their insight and experience to help reduce your learning curve. All of the books discussed below have valuable nuggets of wisdom. The authors have more than 100-years of cumulative bbq experience between them.

Here's a list of some of my favorites:

John Willingham's World Championship Bar-B-Q

I received John Willingham's book as a gift and have read it cover to cover. It's packed full of bbq secrets from the greatest bbq contest cook to ever put on an apron. Willingham details basic cooking methods including what wood to use and what wood not to use, temperatures to cook at, and he provides his personal recipes. I especially like the rib recipe and his recipe for pork shoulder. These recipes can be used as written, or you can tweak them slightly to suit your personal taste. The recipes alone would be worth the price of the book.

Willingham is a bbq restauranteur, author, inventor and historian. His innovative "Turbo Cooker" has won many barbecue awards.

Dr. BBQ's Big-Time Barbecue Cookbook

The book contains a lot of common sense barbecue information that enthusiasts and those new to low and slow cooking can use to improve their barbecue ability. There are tons of recipes and a lot of nice stories and other tid bits to keep your interest. Mr. Lampe's results on the professional barbecue circuit speak for themselves.

Visit Dr. BBQ's home on the world wide web.

Slow Smoked Success

Lee Bentch takes the reader through his process from novice to expert on his quest to learn to cook mouth watering bbq and shares his experiences. He is a knowledgeable bbq cook with an entertaining wit. Lee's experience in the corporate world helps relate bbq to business and offers cautionary insight for wannabe bbq restauranteurs. Whether you are a back yard chef, or you make a living cooking for others, this book is worth reading. It will make you laugh, it will make you think, but most of all, it will remind you some things about bbq you may have forgotten.

Learn more about the author, Lee Bentch.

These others are on my list to read soon:

Ribstars Backyard Smoking and BBQ Cookbook
Dr. BBQ's Barbecue All Year Long Cookbook
Where There's Smoke There's Flavor
Backyard BBQ

Stay tuned for the next installment.

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