Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Barbecue Disaster to Barbecue Master

If you or someone you know is a chronic "meat-burner", Cattlemen's Barbecue Sauce wants you to enter their newest contest promotion in conjunction with Rick Browne, Ph. B. (Doctor of Barbecue).

To enter the contest and receive personal bbq instruction from Browne, contestants can enter by writing a 100-word essay and submitting it to Cattlemen's via their web site. Grand prize is a trip to the 2007 Memphis in May barbecue contest.

Other Cattlemen's promotions:

Braggin Rights
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Cattlemen's is probably the world's most popular bbq sauce. It's used by amateur backyard cooks, professional contest competitors, and restaurants from coast-to-coast.

I've never used it in a contest, but it's readily available from Sam's Clubs if you want to try it out.

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