Saturday, August 04, 2012

Tunnel Bar-B-Q Windsor Canada

Today we make the short drive from Belleville, MI to Windsor, Ontario for a site seeing trip and to eat lunch at Tunnel Bar-B-Q. Since it's opening in 1941, the restaurant has a long history in downtown Windsor.

We stopped by for lunch after a visit to the Riverfront Sculpture Garden offering a great view of downtown Detroit. 

The service was very good with a friendly waitress who is planning a driving trip through Tennessee, down to New Orleans and onward to Texas for a Carribbean cruise in a couple of weeks.

Always inquisitive, Linda couldn't resist asking if they prepare the bbq in a real smoker or in the oven. Since we parked in the rear of the restaurant with no signs of wood, a smoke stack, etc. I already knew the answer. I'll give bonus points for honesty. It is after all "the best policy".

For oven 'que that is far from the traditional southern-style that we prefer, it was acceptable lunch fare.

The dessert menu was the highlight of the visit. Linda and nephew Gus shared a chocolate brownie mousse and I had Peach Melba (ice cream wtih peaches and raspberry sauce).

I can't recommend making a special trip just for the 'que, but if you're already in town and looking for some lunch give it a try.

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Detroit Pig Out said...

Yep Tunnel BBQ is really not good, I want to send you too the number one Que in all of Windsor and you must try the pulled pork Poutine WOW AND ASK TO SEE THERE SMOKER