Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pig of the Month

Linda hasn't gone back to work yet and sometimes watches Good Morning America to stay in touch with the news. A few weeks ago, GMA featured Pig of the Month Club, which is a bbq business based out of Dayton, Ohio. As a part of the holiday promotion, GMA announced a 50% off sale. Those of you who know Linda probably already know that she's got a soft spot for bargain shopping. She ordered some baby back ribs and four kinds of barbecue sauce to give it a try.

From the website:
By recreating our favorite barbecues from different regions, we’ve decided to make our own perfectly smoked barbecue ribs and lip-smacking sauces—and share the goodness with you! Pig of the Month offers ribs just the way all barbecue lovers want them: perfectly seasoned, tender-on-the-inside but crispy-on-the-outside, smoky, and mouthwatering—just tear-off-the-bones good barbecue. Our smoking technique is one that was perfected over many decades. (We didn’t just stuff ourselves full with all the barbecue; we also did research.)
Customer's can use the Create a Package feature on the website to pick and choose between pulled pork, ribs, and bbq sauce for home delivery.

Our ribs arrived pre-cooked and packed in cryovac and dry ice. She also ordered 4 kinds of barbecue sauce as a sample pack. The ribs can be reheated and served straight from the package and topped with some sauce in a few minutes time.

We ate a rack for supper and I took one for lunch the next day.


Chris said...

What did you think of the ribs? I'm guessing you would have to qualify your answer since I don't think it would be fair to expect them to taste as good as yours fresh off the WSM.

The BBQ Guy said...

Hi Chris,

I thought the ribs were actually a little above average. Of course I prefer the ribs I make, but for something fun to do the Pig of the Month ribs were better than most restaurants I eaten in.

For someone who wants to eat ribs a couple of times per year without accumulating the equipment needed to cook them at home, it's an option. I can't in good conscience call it a viable economic option for most people because the shipping costs put them on the outer edge of what most would consider money well spent.

Tom Anderson said...

Thanks for the honest review. I saw that Good Morning America plug as well, and I have been thinking about trying something like this, but I was afraid to try it since I thought there was no way they could be good. Now, I have to admit, I'm going to try them out.