Saturday, October 22, 2011

Chef Noodles - Wixom Michigan BBQ Man

This morning the Detroit Fox Affiliate ran a feature story about Chef Noodles, a bbq man that sets up his bbq booth in a Wixom shopping center. 

I found another article about Chef Noodles from the Detroit CBS affiliate.  I used to read about a lot of parking lot bbq entrepreneurs a few years ago on various bbq discussion forums, but it seems like the desire to start a bbq business from a grass roots or boot strap effort is on the decline. 

As someone who has been toying with the idea of a drive thru - carry out style of bbq restaurant for several years after I caught the bbq bug 10 years ago, I admire his effort. I favor a lower and slower style of rib cooking, but a parking lot chef has to improvise, right?

He's been at for four years and he's not giving up yet. Way to go Chef Noodles! Good luck to you. If I'm ever in Wixom, I'm definitely going to stop by for some ribs or pulled pork. 

Here's another video about Chef Noodles:


Chris said...

Sounds like he's grilling them direct instead of smoking them, but if he's turning 60 racks, time would be important. I like seeing guys like this set up shop.

Michael said...

I have to admire his efforts, there has to be thousands of people trying to do this though? Interesting none the least.

Belle said...

Thanks for your post.

Paul said...

Wow, I can smell those ribs cooking from here!

That is the first time I have seen someone squirt water on them as there being grilled though.

Gotta give that a try.