Friday, September 30, 2011

Boneheads BBQ

Linda and I took a short drive to Willis, Michigan after work to eat at Boneheads BBQ

I had brisket and Linda had the St. Louis ribs.

The restaurant is in a restored historical building.  The dining room is on the small side for the dinner rush.  With a full restaurant, it becomes a little crowded. At our table for two, the table for 5 next door was a distraction.  We heard about scare crows, gardening, and the recent phone calls to great-grandmother. It was hard to carry on a conversation because their conversation was on the loud side.

Based on the name - Boneheads BBQ - I expected a menu focused on primarily traditional bbq, but they also offer many other items like seafood and prime rib.

The bbq brisket was actually pretty good.  The rib I bummed from Linda's plate was on the average side, but I've had ribs in other restaurants that were much, much worse.

Before anyone draws a conclusion that I didn't like the restaurant, I should add that we do plan to return again. It's slightly above average restaurant barbecue, but they don't concentrate solely on serving barbecue items.


Chris said...

So how is great-grandma? Did the crows get her vegetable garden again this year?


The BBQ Guy said...'s funny you ask because they did make her a scarecrow for her garden.

The BBQ Guys Wife said...

Well I enjoyed the fresh veggies they had for a side and the ribs although they were a bit more charred than I am familiar with were tender and had good flavor. The fried pickles were very good, not "Toots"(from my college days in Murfreesboro) fried pickles but they were best I have had in Michigan for sure.

I plan on making this one of the places we take visitors for sure.

Annette Penney said...

Products are a good add-on to your blog if you ask me. You have everything set up already, you have a following of readers who trust you.... why not?

Debbie Beaston said...

I love your site.....very informative and user friendly. I was wondering about the Michigan it a sweet, tangy, spicy, etc.

I'm from Texas and much of the sauce around here is on the sweet side, but Texas is big and you can find a large range.


The BBQ Guy said...


I agree. Thanks for visiting.

The BBQ Guy said...


I don't think there is such a thing as a Michigan flavor profile for bbq. Most of the Michigan bbq I've eaten was topped off with commercial sauce straight out of the bottle. Cattleman's and Open Pit seem to be pretty popular here in restaurants.

I'm partial to Blues Hog myself. I haven't found anything I like better in 10+ years of searching.

I also enjoy a mustard-based sauce once in a while.