Monday, November 22, 2010

Bacon Paradise

I received this video and a short e-mail today from the Travel Channel.

You can see more on the Travel Channel Wednesday at 10 eastern.

Here are two of the bacon hotspots that will be featured on the show.

Restaurant 3: This is the “house that bacon built”, with a menu focusing specifically on the sensational treat.  In Arlington, Virgina, Restaurant 3 is a palace of pork inspired by southern-style cooking.  This hog heaven features everything from Bleu Cheese Chips with bacon and Bacon Stuffed Pork Chops to a Bacon Studded Waffle and Maple Bacon Ice Cream.

All Good Cafe: In Dallas, the All Good Cafe is home to the thickest, tastiest, crispiest peppered bacon on the planet.  This infamous diner offers great food, a low-key atmosphere, and the perfect spot to catch the hottest local bands.  Before even walking through the door, patrons can smell bacon and are quickly reminded of their mother’s home-style cooking.


Chris said...

When I was at the package store Wednesday getting wine, they are selling a bacon vodka. Not sure that is the definition of bacon paradise though....

The BBQ Guy said...

I like bacon, but I'm not sure I'd like to drink it. I prefer it on a sandwich with some Miracle Whip.

Joe Faltaous said...

Bacon can be good on or in anything, not sure about drinking it I am with you BBQ guy.
Joe of

outdoor bbq said...

Bacon is also good. this idea is really new and maybe weird to most of us, haven't tried this as well.:)