Saturday, October 02, 2010

American Royal Double Header Weekend

It's fall and besides football that means it's time for the American Royal Barbecue contest.

We made a trip to the Royal a few years ago. It's another one of those "must see" bbq events for bbq enthusiasts.  The invitational contest is held on Friday/Saturday and the open contest occurs on Saturday/Sunday.

It's the antithesis of the Jack Daniels Barbecue World Championship event in my opinion.  As small as the Jack is, the Royal is definitely not. 

When we were there in 2004, our friends who were competing had to contend with a 10+ minute walk to turn-ins and large crowds of people aka "obstacles". Under estimating the time it takes to walk from cook site to judges table can ruin and has ruined many bbq contest dreams.

Congratulations to Smokers Wild and TippyCanoe for their Grand and Reserve Grand results at the 2010 event. Here's a link to the full results from the Invitational.


Chris said...

Thanks for posting Brian. I was going to look it up but hadn't gotten around to it yet. Good to see that some of my favorites did well here and there.

hog roast said...

I love attending events like these here at home so am hoping I can pick up some good events when I come over in june so if anyone has any information for me it will be appreciated.