Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's Here....and 2 Days Early

My Weber One Touch Platinum kettle grill arrived at my local Lowe's today. It's now setting in my living room in a prime location to make assembly easier and more comfortable. It is summer in Florida after all and my garage is not air conditioned.

My wallet is a little lighter, but I did save $25 at Lowe's compared to the price on

I couldn't resist opening the box to take a look, but I'm not going any farther tonight.


Anonymous said...

Funny enough, I just picked up a Char Griller Super Pro and a side firebox from Lowe's last Thursday.
I'll be watching for the up and coming kettled pork butt!

Chris said...

Sweet! I love early surprised like that. Can't wait to see that puppy in action.