Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Brisket for Lunch?

After a recent drive over to St. Petersburg to visit the Salvado Dali Museum, my taste buds were hankering for a brisket lunch.

Linda and I saw a piece on the local news about The Brisket Basket on 5th Ave North (across from the high school) a couple of years ago and stopped by for an enjoyable lunch.  Unfortunately, my more recent attempt didn't work out...the brisket has left the building. It's now a Java Bar or Java Hut or something similar. Bummer!

I didn't have the phone # with me for lunch, but after dialing it a few minutes ago it appears the phone # is now out of service.  The website still works though.  I hope it's not getting much traffic, because if it is there are going to be a lot of other dissapointed bbq fans (besides me).

If any of my readers are familar with the details regarding whether the brisket relocated to another building, or closed down completely, and would like to share....I'm all ears.

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