Sunday, August 08, 2010

BBQ Smoker Poll

For the last 3 weeks or so I've been conducting a reader's poll here on the BBQ Blog to find out what types of smokers my readers are currently using.  Here is a quick summary of the results so far:

Weber Smokey Mountain 13 (27%)
Backwoods Smoker 1 (2%)
Cookshack Pellet Smoker 0 (0%)
Stumps Smoker 4 (8%)
Lang Offset 3 (6%)
Klose Offset 0 (0%)
Big Green Egg 9 (18%)
Other Offset Smoker 16 (33%)
Other Vertical Smoker 6 (12%)

It looks like the Lang and Other Offset Smokers are in the lead with 39% of the votes. The Weber Smokey Mountain is in second at 27% with the Big Green Egg third with 18%.

There are two days left to vote in the current poll. Have you cast your vote yet?

Care to share your suggestions for a topic for the next poll?


Dan said...

Traeger is not on the list??

Charles said...

Currently I live in an apt. I can only have electric. Not pleased. I do have a smoker that I like well enough. wonder if you have enough readers to comment on "grills"? I don't always have five hours. It is good but time is not always on my side.
thank you. Charles

The BBQ Guy said...

Hi Charles,

Thanks for visiting the site. That stinks about the "rules", but I do kind of understand it.

I am often asked for opinions on gas and electric grills. I usually refrain from commenting because I simply don' know much about them. I haven't used them personally and don't have any experience with them.

I am in the market for a new Weber Platinum charcoal grill. I like the blue ones and will be making that purchase pretty soon.

I have a smaller charcoal grill now and do occasionally use it for grilling recipes I post here. Once I get the larger grill, I plan to post a lot more grilling recipes.

Stay tuned.


Smoky Westby said...

I have a nice trailer smoker that is 17' long ,two 120 gal. tanks. Fire box is in the back made of 1/2 inch steel, attached to one 120 gal tank is a warmer box. In front of the other tank is two turkey friers. It also has a 20 gal. water tank with a 12 volt pump and double stainlees steel sink. It works very well. Wish I knew how to up load pictures to this.

The BBQ Guy said...

Hi Smoky.

Feel free to e-mail me a couple of pictures with some of the particulars about your set-up and I'll gladly post a little article about it.

Dennis said...

Hey charles Im new at this blog thing , but you can see my smoker at
Let me know what you think.
Playoffs start today, tthink Ill do ribs and chicken.
Happy new year!

Dennis said...

Soory Brian I left you a coment addressing you as charles. I also live in Florida , Punta Gorda. Do you still compete in BBQ contest.
Im doing a few small one that are local. Any tip would be great.
Thanks Smoky Westby.