Monday, December 14, 2009

Butterball Indoor Turkey Fryer Test

The folks at Masterbuilt provided a Butterball Indoor Turkey Fryer for testing. I didn't have a turkey, but the user's manual that accompanied the unit had a steamed chicken dish that included ingredients we had in the refrigerator.  I know it's not bbq, but sometimes we've got to eat healthy, right?

This unit works well as a steamer. The chicken was tender and the vegetables were perfectly cooked. I promise you'll be seeing more of this unit in the future here on the bbq blog. I'll be testing it as a deep fryer soon.

Sorry if the video editing makes you dizzy. I was also testing my new Sony Handycam CX-100 tonight for the first time. I promise I'll get better with practice.


Barbecue Grills said...

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A Year on the Grill said...

no payoff???

yes or no, worth it???

The BBQ Guy said...

I did like the indoor turkey fryer. It's a nice unit.

I didn't have a turkey to fry because I cooked 5 of them for the Thanksgiving week including two for me and three for co-workers.

The chicken turned out very well. Next time I'll preheat the water while I prepare the veggies and the whole process will be quicker. (It actually suggests doing that in the owners manual / cookbook, but of course I read the directions after I was finished eating.)