Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bubba Ques - Brandon Florida

We made a second trip to Bubba Que's in the Brandon-Valrico area this weekend. The restaurant is located on Hwy 60 near Wal-Mart. The tables provide a choice of 6 different bbq sauces for your bbq entree or sandwich.

The bbq was pretty good, but we especially liked the restaurant's atmosphere and decor. As you might expect, with a name like Bubba's, there's not a lot of fancy fixin's or fancy furniture. They even use Igloo coolers for seating at some tables.

Their website is also uniquely different, although I had trouble accessing the online menu. I also enjoyed the banana pudding for desert.

This is a nice restaurant concept. I think they'll be successful.


shanks said...

The menu looks pretty good it makes me wish there was one in the pacific northwest. as for your viewing the menu problem you'll need to download it because it is a PDF.

Loretta said...

Wow .. really like this food review.

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Loretta said...

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Pittsburgh BBQ said...

Nice place, had a great time there. thanks

Anonymous said...

I have been eating this great BBQ from the time it opened and was never unhappy with anything until this week when I got home with my takeout order my PREMIUM SIDE $3.99 sweet tater fries, I had seven little peices this left me pining for more so its a good way to keep a customer wanting more but its going to be a long time before I visit again because of the price of that serving size.