Sunday, March 15, 2009

Grilled Bison Burgers

Tonight I grilled some bison burgers for supper. If you've never eaten bison, you're missing out.
Bison has a flavor signature that differs from beef, in that it has just a hint of sweetness. I also think it's a slightly heavier taste than traditional beef. I have no scientific proof, but my gut tells me that since bison has much less fat and grease than a hamburger, you taste more of the actual meat.
If you try some, please don't over cook it. Since it has less fat than hamburger, you don't need to cook it as much.

I took these pictures during a trip to Mount Rushmore two years ago.


Chris said...

very cool shots of the Bison. That must have been a great trip.

Thom said...

I have had Bison burgers in restaurants, and they have been excellent. I have also bought pre-ground Bison in the meat market and it was fattier than hamburger....and paid much for it.
You do have some cool pictures of Bisons. I will follow your blog. Best to you!

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