Saturday, July 05, 2008

Backyard BBQ St. Louis Ribs

Final results

Honey makes everything taste better

Adding a little hickory wood

Ribs going on the WSM

Trimming the flap off the St. Louis ribs

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Chris said...

Those look great. Makes me glad that I happen to have two racks of spares and two of loin backs in the fridge for dinner tonight.

I'm going to do one my usual way and one Rendevous style. I haven't had those (Rendevous) in some time so thought it would be a good change of pace.

The BBQ Guy said...

We didn't take our usual approach for these quick and easy ribs.

Taking the lead from Dr. BBQ, I kicked up the temps and used aluminum foils and apple juice in abundance to speed things up.

These would never work for competition, but they were mightly good for eatin'.

Randzig said...

Looks so good. Could you point me to a reference for the Dr. BBQ style?

The BBQ Guy said...


It's in his book Dr. BBQ's Big Barbecue Book. You can purchase it at almost any bookstore or on Amazon.