Saturday, April 05, 2008

Martin's BBQ Joint

If you've ever contemplated opening a bbq restaurant, bbq joint, or even a bbq concession and catering business and haven't been following along with Martin's BBQ Blog, then you're missing out on a valuable source of information and dare I say -- reality.

In just a few short months Martin's in Nolensville, TN has gone from a remodeled Mexican restaurant to one of the best bbq joints in the Metropolitan Nashville area. He's cooked for the Nolensville locals and served bbq to some of Music City's biggest and brightest, and it's all documented on the blog for everyone to read about.

The restuarant has been written about in the local newspapers and news / advertising magazines with good reviews.

My sister in-law lives in Nolensville and vouches for the quality of the 'que. I haven't been there yet, but I've been following along via the World Wide Web. The next time in Nolensville visiting, I'm definitely going to stop in.

Martin's BBQ Blog documents the reality of borrowing money, choosing a pit, hiring staff, keeping staff, controlling costs, seasonal sales considerations, and installing a Point-of-Sale system to keep track of the numbers.

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ULIKA BBQ said...

Pat Martin is a great guy to boot. His blog lays it all out there and he is very down to earth. If you stop by make sure you try the wings with Alabama white sauce.

- ulika