Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Time to Tune-up Your Charcoal Grill

Our recent move to Florida wreaked havoc on our charcoal grill. It needs some major attention, not to mention a good cleaning. When the movers pulled it off the truck it was missing a leg and the lid didn't really fit any longer. It was quite a sight.

For the majority of folks grilling season is just around the corner. Your grill may not be quite as bad as mine now is, but just in case your grill needs some attention I've put together a resource list for replacement grilling parts. Whether you need replacement wheels, lids, handles, or hubcaps, you can probably find what you need from the Weber or Charbroil web sites below.

Weber Replacement Parts
Gas grills, charcoal grills, water smokers, water pans, charcoal grates.
Brinkman Replacement Parts
Water pans, temperature gauges, heating elements, trays, grates, racks.
Charbroil Replacement Parts
Wire brushes, grill covers, gas grill elements, cleaning liquids, some off-set smoker stuff too.

Don't forget to clean your grates, empty the ash pans, and give your grill an overall cleaning before you fire it up this spring. You never know what kind of "critters" may have taken refuge in there during the cold weather months.


Hogwild said...

BBQ Guy,

You shoulda been cookin' on it all winter. ;-)

My kettle survived our move from Houston to Nebraska fine, but before I find my cover the wind picked up the lid and promptly deposited it on the patio, smashed in the handle. The handle is still on tight and it still fits snug, thankfully.

Big Fish said...

Another really good tip for charcoal grills is after cleaning, get a good strong bed of charcoals going and put the lid on it. The high heat will vaporize any degreasers or cleaning residue on the grill before you actually use it.