Sunday, February 04, 2007

Detroit Grill King's Pepsi Baby Back Ribs

Hello All you BBQ Fans from The BBQ Guy's Wife.

With the planning for the move and work The BBQ Guy has been busy this week so he has neglected the blog. As a good BBQ Wife I decided to say HI and make a post.

This morning on WXYZ Channel 7 here in Detroit they had a guest chef on the show giving ideas for the Super Bowl. The Detroit Grill King was his name and he had apparently been out with his grill this weekend in Detroit's subzero windchill weather making ribs, turkey legs, and chicken wings on a stick. I have to say even The BBQ Guy stays in the house when it feels like negative 5. All you Quers experiencing the chill of winter let me know if you have been cooking in the subzero weather and how it went. I dont' want to hear any whining from you Southern Boys because it is 40!!

Well if you are like my husband and it is a bit nippy to be out cooking your ribs or your spouse asks what you want to munch on for the Super Bowl. I found a recipe for you Pepsi Babyback Ribs on The Grill King's site. Take a look you still have time to make it to the grocery and get the ribs done before kickoff. I sent this one to my mother in law because she is a lover of Pepsi who is trying to cut back on the Pepsi habit. I thought this way she might get her Pepsi and her protein at the same time.


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