Wednesday, April 26, 2006

BBQ: An accurate indication of future beef prices?

Loyal readers of this blog about bbq may remember my previous post on the "bbq commodities market" from last year.

I was poking around on the internet tonight and ran across a futures trading web site that actually substantiates my basic point. BBQ influences the commodities directly and indirectly everyday.

Disclaimer: I don't trade the futures markets and do not profess to be qualified advisor for futures trading, but I thought it interesting that a futures brokerage web site used the "upcoming bbq season" as a justification to potential clients to consider purchasing a futures contract for live cattle.

As a side bar--If you believe futures prices are an accurate prediction of upcoming market trends, it sounds like beef prices will be falling soon, but someone forgot to tell my local butcher. Premium cut Certified Angus Brisket (CAB for short) is being sold locally here in Michigan for upwards of $3.50 per pound.

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