Sunday, June 10, 2012

Real BarBQ Canton

I lived in Plymouth, Michigan from 2004 - 2007 and during that time there wasn't a barbecue restaurant to speak of in the Plymouth-Canton area. So after we moved back to the area in July 2011, I was kind of excited to see an "Opening Soon" sign on Ford Road announcing a new barbecue restaurant.

I lived in temporary housing for several months waiting to close on our home and stopped by the restaurant several times hoping to eat some barbecue. My smokers were in storage and I wanted to cure the craving for some 'que. But each time I pulled in the parking lot, the "Opening Soon" sign was still being displayed.

We were running errands today in Canton and were surprised to see Real BarBQ open for business. After cooking 35 lbs of brisket and pork butt for a work event later this week, we weren't craving bbq but after waiting 10 1/2 months for the opening we couldn't resist giving it a try.

Pork ribs, beef brisket, burnt end baked beans, coleslaw and cornbread.

The house bbq sauce at Real BarBQ
I ordered the Ribs + 1 (my plus 1 was brisket) and Linda ordered the Real Chop Shop (pulled pork served on a brioche roll).

While we waited for our meal, I was offered a tour of the kitchen. I didn't ask for permission to take a picture, but they did show me the Southern Pride they cook everything on - 1,100 lbs of pork butts is a lot of barbecue goodness.

I liked the ribs and brisket. I'm partial to my own homemade bbq, but it was good restaurant bbq. The atmosphere is very nice - actually much nicer than I anticipated. The staff is very friendly and the kitchen was organized and clean. Linda is a tough critic for pulled pork and didn't "love" it.

We'll definitely go back and will certainly recommend it to friends and co-workers. After driving an hour to eat at Slow's in Detroit to be told there was a 3 hour wait, it's good to know there is a nice bbq restaurant option much closer to home.

In case you're wondering what a brioche roll (I know I was) here is the definition from Wikipedia: brioche


John said...

Surprised you liked that place Brian. They had locations in Lincoln Park and Detroit that just recently closed. In Lincoln Park the food was overpriced and of poor quality. Service was also poor. Half hour, 45 minute wait, then they tell you they are out of what you ordered. Not good business.
I think a person should know a little about what they are making before they try to sell it to the public.

Good to see you two back in Michigan. You should try to make it to one of the local KCBS comps this summer. It would be nice to see you and Linda.


The BBQ Guy said...

Hi John,

I do miss the weather in Florida (lol). I never visited the Lincoln Park or Detroit locations, so I can't compare them to Canton. Linda and I were satisfied with our Sunday lunch. We were the only customers in the restaurant and they had a carry out order while we were there.

I can tell you one place I am highly dissatisfied with and that is Slow's. The food was fine, but a 3 hour wait was very irritating to me after driving an hour from Ann Arbor to get there.

Any place I ever visit with a 3 hour wait is the last time I'll be visiting I can tell you that.

I know it's not really comparable, but I used to manage a Waffle House in Tennessee and we could turn a table in almost exactly 19 minutes consistently.

ALPOE said...

Please try these 2 places downriver a easy trip from Belleville 275 down to Sibley which runs quick over to Fort street. Mr. Pitmaster is from Alabama is producing great Q and Roundhouse both in Trenton. Here's links

A special Billy Sims BBQ chain has bought the Real BBQ in Lincoln Park and will open in October

The BBQ Guy said...

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll definitely try them out.

The BBQ Guy said...

Today we made the trip over to Windsor, Ontario and stopped by Tunnel Bar-B-Q for lunch. The service was great, but the bbq did not live up to expectations. Linda couldn't resist asking if they use a smoker (they do not).