Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Slow's BarBQ Detroit

My co-workers took me to Slow's BarBQ on Michigan Avenue in Detroit for a birthday lunch earlier this week. I had the brisket entree with black beans and potato salad.  For a bbq restaurant, the brisket was very good. I really enjoyed my lunch.

It was my third trip to Slow's and the second time I actually got to eat bbq while I was there. That's the trouble with hip and happenin' restaurant's sometimes - they are so busy you have to wait 3 hours to eat at them. That experience is a long story that I won't go into here, but if you decide to make a trip to Slow's I encourage you get there early, or plan on the possibility that you may be waiting a while.


Andy Tanguay said...

This is EXACTLY why I don't go there and don't recommend anyone else to. I always present a very zen question to a potential visitor...'is a restaurant you can't get in to really any good?'

My friend and I have tried to go there on a Tuesday evening with no sporting events in town, only to be told there's a multi-hour wait. No thank you.

Thankfully, over time there are more and more barbecue choices in the Detroit area that will give you a nicely smoked meal without all the hipster hype and soviet-era bread line wait. It's really just not that great, and it's certainly not worth waiting for three hours in Detroit's not-all-that-safe Corktown area for.


EasyPeasy said...


I actually think Slow's is a pretty cool place. Great people and pretty good BBQ. My advice call ahead or check out Slow's to go on Cass. Thanks for sharing guys. Keep it Easy Peasy

DannyPhannyFeeFieFoPhanny said...

Im in Ann Arbor and ive heard about Slow's. I really need to check it out, thanks for reminding me! I would like to link your blog onto mine if that is ok. Ive recently started a BBQ Chip blog ( let me know if youre ok with this!