Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Private Label BBQ Sauce

I have had experience with marketing bbq spice rubs for several years. My Southern Rub (our competition brisket rub) was pretty popular and even though it's no longer available for sale, I still get inquiries about it.  Today I was contacted by Ol Gringo Chile Company regarding their private label pepper sauce. It sounds like an interesting program. 

From the Ol Gringo's website:

Our private label program is designed to let every size and type of business easily and profitably promote it's own name on our outstanding products. It get's your name on the finest gourmet salsa, pepper sauces, and spice blends available. All of our products are shipped quickly from the date of the order.


winnie said...

I'm a student from art center college of design. i'm doing a project about bbq. and you are such an excellent bbq expert!!!
can i do a short interview with u via e-mail????

your answers will help me a lot.


The BBQ Guy said...

Sure. You can e-mail me at


custom labels said...

Somehow it blends in. I think for marketing reasons you want your name to be in the place that the eye naturally looks first (top or top left). Red is also a color that draws the eye (but w/the green it would probably look x-massy). I think the best example on the board is the North Hollow Farm label. The name is the focus.