Sunday, August 02, 2009

Food Inc Movie

I've posted about it before, but Linda and I drove down to Lakewood Ranch today and watched Food Inc. at the theatre. Three things in the movie impacted us greatly:

  1. Barbara Kowalcyk's story about her son Kevin and her attempts to get Kevin's Law through congress
  2. The plight of soybean farmers that want to save back soybeans for seed
  3. Working conditions at packing plants and the plight of the labor force that works in them
Here are some links for your further exploration:

If you make the effort to watch the movie (it's in limited release), I predict that you'll never look at America's food system the same way again.

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Sean said...

Food Inc was a great movie. For best results with your BBQ, it starts by buying local, non-hormone/genetically altered meat.