Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Barbecue Brisket Weekend

Finished product. I cooked a 13 lb brisket for 8 hours with apple wood and sauced lightly with Blues Hog BBQ Sauce.

Weber Smokey Mountain cooking at 225 degrees.

Stem thermometer through the lid to monitor the temperatures.


Chris said...

How did you get it sliced so thin? Did you do it by hand and if so, what kind of knife are you using, something like a forschner?

It looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

Only 8 hours? What temperature was it when you pulled it? Looks spectacular!

The BBQ Guy said...


I use a Black and Decker electric knife for slicing. These slices were about 1/4 inch thick (or maybe a little less).


Yes. I often read about people smoking briskets for more than 10 hours, but I could never get one to cook for that long. It would be burnt to a crisp in my WSM. I think my technique must speed up the cooking time quite a bit. I cook to 165 degrees (usually about 5 hours) and then wrap in foil and continue cooking to 198 internal temperature. The last 15 degrees goes pretty quick.

kwilson said...

Wow! That looks pretty tasty. I mostly stick with pork, but plan on doing a brisket really soon. It sounds like (temperature wise) it should be pretty similar.

Dan said...

Hey BBQ guy,

just spotted your blog and read some of the last posts, great great stuff will deffinetly keep tuning in.

P.s. brisket looks great, what kind of camera are you using...wish my "food" pics looked as good!!

have a great labor day weekend

The BBQ Guy said...


Thanks for stopping by.

I used a Sony A700 DSLR and Tamron lens.

Randzig said...

Looks good!
Is there a chance the thermometer is off so it shortens your cook time?
Also where do you get your meat from? The meat available to me at Costco is half that size.

The BBQ Guy said...


I purchase briskets from a local butcher shop in Apollo Beach, FL and trim them myself. Are you buying brisket flats from Costco or packers?

Everyone always asks me about the thermometer, but I've got about 4 different ones and they all read pretty much the same. To clarify, I cook them to 165 internal temp and them wrap in foil which does speed things up considerably. (I'd estimate it takes 2 hours off the total cook time if the brisket were cooked unwrapped.)