Sunday, June 14, 2009

Food Inc Movie

No matter what your politics are, this is an important movie. Read more on the Food Inc. website. If you would rather hear a radio clip about the movie, National Public Radio recently hosted a feature piece on the movie with the creators. Listen here. It's not just the producer that impacts our food system. It's impacted by those that process the food too.

I've written on this blog a few times about labeling food properly. I'll go on record again that I believe imported food should be prominently labeled as such. I also believe the genetically modified food should labeled. The "food production system" needs to worry a little less about cheap and easy, and worry a little more about nutrition and health. After all, isn't that the real reason we eat it in the first place?

Looking at pictures of pigs from 20 years ago and comparing them to pictures of pigs raised today, it's easy to see that the genetics of hog farming have changed. It's also been documented that pork today doesn't taste like it did 20 years ago. It's much less flavorful. This has enabled a resurgence in heritage pork breeds and free range growing methods.

I urge you to support your local farmers. Buy local if you can and buy direct from the producer when possible. More money goes to the farmer and it's easier on the environment. Did you know that almost 50% of food costs are related to transportation expenses of moving it from farm to grocery store? Talk about saving fossil fuels.

It's a little more difficult and it might cost a little more to buy locally, but it's worth it. If everyone did this, we'd probably all be healthier too.


Marty said...

I support buying locally. I know we are talking farmers here, but this is what brought me to taste these artisan rubs, they are developed by a local chef and produced locally in Ashburn, VA. They are a Virginia's Finest product and they are truelly the FINEST! They have brought such wonderful, unique flavors to my BBQ and all my cooking, I needed to share and support my fellow Virginians! Check the Artisan Rubs out at, and "Master the Art of BBQ"

kenneth said...

I recently seen this movie for free (sponsored by chipotle). the way they talk and parallel butchers as agricultural version of "car manufacturers" was imformative to me. more slaughterhouses meant less mass disease breakout (there are only 13 in the US TODAY). the butchers who cut the meat were all unionized and made a fine living. FDR took on the Beef Trust and made fine living for all who were involved. its a great movie and i suggest we all see it... also research Kevin's Law.