Sunday, May 03, 2009

Truth In Advertising - Part 2

When visiting restaurants I often chuckle when I see bbq on the menu. As an example, Saturday night we tried out a local restaurant in a nearby town that has a very popular buffet. Two people can eat all they want for less than $20. You pay as you enter and then you don't have to worry about finding a waitress later when you're ready to leave. However, the bbq ribs were not bbq at all. They were most likely oven cooked, or worse...boiled. Then they brushed some bbq sauce on them and called them "bbq ribs". The meat wouldn't even stay on the bones long enough to bite into it. Not my kind of bbq ribs at all, but very popular at this restaurant. has another example of the truth in advertising issues I'm beginning to despise. Maybe I'm just getting old and my cynical side is taking control, but it's borderline ridiculous.

Kentucky Fried Chicken is advertising a new "grilled" chicken product this week. I've seen the ads every time I've sat down to watch a little TV this weekend. El Pollo Loco, a chain that also serves chicken, has taken exception with the KFC advertising campaign and makes an interesting observation - How can they call it grilled chicken, if they don't cook it over a flame?

Suffice it to say that El Pollo Loco's new advertising slogan - "See the fire, taste the flavor." - is no accident and is likely in direct response to KFC's attempt to cash-in with a "me too" product.


Chris said...

Yes, we think this attempt by KFC to misappropriate the term "grilling" is outrageous.

The McDonalds "McRib" unit

Boca Raton BBQ said...

Wow. I never considered that. They should call it baked I guess, or grilled then microwaved.