Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cooking Pork Butts in the Weber Smokey Mountain

These pork butts were larger than the 6 lbs I prefer, but it's all Sam's had available. I injected, seasoned with spice rub and let them marinade in the refrigerator overinight.

I use lump charcoal when it's available. It's a better quality charcoal that burns cleaner, hotter and with less ash than briquettes. This bag of Royal Oak was purchased from Gordon Food Service and cost me $9.55 for 20 lbs. For comparison, 40 lbs of Kingsford briquettes costs about $11.35 at Sam's, but in this get what you pay for.

I never use lighter fluid when starting charcoal. The lighter fluid can leave a bad taste on food. I prefer a charcoal chimney and a fire starter stick. You can use newspaper, but the starter sticks work better for me.

I line the water pan on the WSM with aluminum foil to make clean-up a little easier. You don't have to line the pan, but if you don't it gets pretty greasy from the pork fat melting as the pork butts cook.

I put the butts on at 10:30 a.m. and will rotate them top to bottom after about 4 1/2 - 5 hours. I also wrap them in aluminum foil at that point. It keeps the moisture in and seems to help prevent oversmoking the meat. It also speeds up the cooking process.


All about Golf said...

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Sage said...

Hey great pictures and details. I couldn't agree more on using lump charcoal, and I think it gives a better taste. Maybe my imagination, though...
I too am impressed with the info on your blog. Great job.

Chilebrown said...

Oh Jeeze, do not be such a panzy. Take the aluminum foil and wrap your T.V. attenna with it. If you leave the pork without wrapping you will achieve a much better bark.
You never mentioned what wood chunks you are using. Are you are afraid of smoke?.
I only Jest. I hope you Know!

Chris said...

I used to use chimneys but now I LOVE my MAPP gas torch.

$9.55 for 20lbs?????? We just paid $22 for 20lbs of BGE lump. OUCH.